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Ever wonder why you hair always looks so shiny and healthy when you leave the salon? Sure, it’s the stylist’s professional touch to bring out the best in your locks. But she also uses the right salon products to protect your hair.

Sun, cold, pollutants, heat, and chemicals can conspire to create dry, frizzy, and brittle hair between . But take heart!

You can use the right salon products and techniques to protect your hair in any environment, keeping it shiny, bouncy, and shampoo-commercial beautiful. Here are seven pro stylist tips to keep your hair healthy.

1. Stop the sun.
Okay, so we can’t actually stop the sun. (Nor would we want to!) But we can block it from wreaking havoc on our hair. The sun can strip your hair of moisture, causing brittleness, dryness, and breakage.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat if you’re planning on spending more than a few hours in the sun, and use a styling product that moisturizes and protects your hair from UV rays.

2. Beat the heat.
Your blow dryer and other styling implements can have the same effect as the sun’s heat. Never dry, curl, or straighten your hair without applying a heat protectant like this one from Karmin.

3.  Choose to color curls carefully. 
Coloring your hair is a bright and bold way of expressing yourself. However, all that pink, purple, and teal, along with more conventional dye colors, can damage hair. Only perform one chemical process at a time, and give hair time to recover between treatments. Perming lightened or double processed hair only further strips and damages the cuticle.

The exception? Keratin treatment. It actually lasts longer on colored hair and gives your hair a soft feel and sleek look.

4. Protect your hair before you go off the deep end. 
It’s no secret that chlorine is not good for your hair. Not only does it dry your hair, pulling out the natural oils that keep it healthy, but it can strip the color from your strands.

Wet your hair thoroughly and apply leave-in conditioner before entering the pool. This will slow down (or even prevent!) the absorption of chlorine and other pool chemicals, keeping your locks moist and resilient.

5. Know when to trim. 
If you’ve already got split-ends, it’s time for a trim. Cutting these ends off prevents the split from moving further up your hair and causing frizz.

6. Keep it clear
Clarifying shampoo removes the build-up from your mane, but don’t be tempted to use a clarifying shampoo too often. It strips the protective oils from the strand and scalp and can leave your hair dull, flat, and lifeless.

7. Get luscious locks by using professional salon quality products—right at home. 
From basking in the sun to soaking in chlorine, how many of these hair care sins have you committed this year?

Don’t despair. Luscious locks are in your grasp. All it takes is the right knowledge and a small investment in professional hair care products. Remember to always use Karmin Heat Protection and Shining Spray to protect and nourish your mane before blow drying, curling, or straightening.

You can also use the Karmin 4-Step Hair Repair and Smoothing System treatment right at home to put your hair on the path to good health, greater strength, and less frizz.

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