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Ionic hair dryers. The latest blow dryer technology claims everything from faster drying times to healthier hair.

But can any product that involves heat make your hair healthier? Science says it can; if ions are involved.

Which type of ionic hair dryers are better? Hair dryers that emit negative ions or positive ions?

It turns out, both provide positive results. And you don’t have to choose. If you invest in an ionic hair dryer that uses both types of state-of-the-art ionic technologies, you can reap the rewards with smooth, sleek, shiny hair.

Ionic Hair Dryer Technology: What Is It?
At the risk of getting too science-y, understanding what ions are and how they affect your hair will help you pick the right blow dryer for your hair type.

Ions are atoms or molecules which, through the addition or subtraction of electrons, gain an electric charge. The addition of an electron creates a negatively charged ion while the subtraction of an electron creates a positive ion.

But what does that mean for your blow dryer and your hair?

Blow Dryers: Negative ions = positive results
Negative ions seem to have garnered the spotlight, so let’s start there.

Blow drying your hair with an ionic hair dryer like the Karmin Salon Pro Hair Dryer with negative ions gives several benefits.

More Negative Ions: Faster Results
Negative ions from your hair dryer are attracted to the moisture in your hair. They break up the water molecules more rapidly than hot air alone, resulting in shorter drying time. Anything that minimizes heat during styling is a good thing!

Less Frizz with Negative Ions
Wet hair carries a positive charge, which can create static. Static causes frizz. With ionic technology in your hair dryer, you can forget the frizz! While the negative ions in your hair dryer bust up moisture, they’re also sealing the hair cuticle, which prevents frizz and flyaways.

Negative ions work best on thicker, coarse, or curly hair, providing a healthy, bouncy, shiny finish.

Positive Ions In Your Ionic Hair Dryer Add Lustrous Shine
If you have thin, fine, or more delicate hair you may not be happy with the sleek styling negative ions provide. Or, you may want volume one day and a sleek look the next.

Positive ions can help!

Positive ions help to add volume and bounce to your tresses by opening up the hair cuticle. Directing the air flow with a nozzle can help focus those ions to the root of the hair shaft, giving you lift right where you need it while keeping your silky tresses full of shine and frizz-free.

The Best of Both Ionic Worlds
Top of the line ionic hair dryers like the Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer can create positive ions as well as negative. The flip of a switch gives you control over the ionic charge teasing your tresses, all in one hair dryer.

Protect your Style with Ionic Technology
Knowing how ions affect your hair type and texture empowers you to use the right hair tools for the best styles. Ionic hair dryers help protect your hair by reducing drying time and sealing moisture within the cuticle for a frizz-free look, whether you want to add volume or prefer a sleeker style.