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Don’t you love the way you look after you’ve had your hair done by a professional, using salon products and professional quality hair tools? Your hair shines and is full of volume and movement. You look great and, more importantly, you feel great. And it shows.

The good news is you can look and feel that way every day if you choose salon products for your home. Here are five compelling reasons why you should skip the drugstore brands and buy salon products to keep your hair looking its best.

Salon Products Skip the Harsh Chemicals
Drugstore brand hair care products often use fillers and even chemicals, including sulfates and phthalates, which can dry your hair out rather than hydrating it.

Certain fillers leave your hair feeling soft, but actually coat strands in a waxy build-up that, over time, weighs hair down and leaves it looking less-than-healthy.

Salon products like those found in the Karmin line, on the other hand, are made with more of the natural ingredients that actually hydrate and volumize hair for healthy locks.

Salon Products Have More of the Ingredients That Matter
Salon products cost more. But that’s also because they have more of the ingredients that nourish your hair. Instead of fillers, salon products contain oils, minerals, and vitamins that are good for your scalp and hair.

Another benefit? Salon products are more concentrated, so you need less of them to do the job, saving you money in the long run.

You can also save money by washing your hair less frequently. Two or three days between washes is usually optimal, depending on your hair type. Dry shampoo can help you get an extra day before you need to wash.

Salon Products Are Designed to Work With Your Hair Tools

You’re giving your hair style the best start you can when you wash and condition it with salon products. Take the next step and use salon quality hair tools to eliminate frizz while adding volume.

Don’t scrub your hair dry; this roughs the cuticle. Instead, wrap in a microfiber towel to whisk moisture away.

Then, blow dry your hair with an ion empowered hair dryer until it’s about 80 percent dry before you begin to style it. Try not to blow heat up the hair shaft. It opens the cuticle, leaving hair looking and feeling frizzy.

Salon Products Protect Your Hair from Hot Hair Tools
Before you even think about taking the hair dryer or straightening iron to your locks, use a salon quality heat protection spray.

Karmin’s Heat Protection & Shining Spray with Argan Oil protects your hair from heat as well as UV rays and optimizes the effectiveness of your hair tools.

Salon Products Really DO Make a Difference
Know your hair type and get the correct types of styling products to help your hair shine. Skip the 2-in-1 solutions and consider the Karmin line of hair products. They are scientifically designed to protect and nourish your hair, and to work with your hair tools for an all-over healthy look.