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Do you have fine, thin hair? Do you want to add volume? Are you forever fighting frizz? 

Follow these ten tips to create texture, add volume and make hair look thicker.  

Great Hair Starts in the Shower
Fine, thin hair tends to be oilier than thick or coarse hair. You may find that you have to wash more often so the oils don’t weigh your hair down. Your shampoo should gently lift dirt, product, and oil from your hair and volumize as it cleans.

While you shampoo, gently massage your scalp. This increases circulation to your follicles, encouraging hair growth.

Condition Properly
Volumizing conditioner makes your hair feel thicker and look fuller.

Never condition the scalp. That adds to your natural oils and weighs down your hair, making it look greasy. Start the conditioner halfway down your hair shaft, focusing on the ends.

Dry Correctly
Don’t scrub your hair when you get out of the shower. Scrubbing roughs up the hair shaft and creates frizz. Gently pat and dab your hair dry. Better yet, use a microfiber towel to whisk wetness away quickly.

Cleanse and Texturize
Cleaning your hair doesn’t have to involve water. Dry shampoos help extend your hairstyle by soaking up oils and grease, absorbing odor, and texturizing at the roots.

The Right Stuff
Heavy, crunchy products like gels and creams may hold down your hair. Try a light texturizing spray along with your heat protectant when you blow dry your hair. When hair is mostly dry add a volumizer near the roots for lift.

Dry on Low
Turn your blow dryer down. High heat can damage your fine hair, making it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Upside Down Your ‘Do
Do the majority of your blow-drying upside-down. This helps lift your strands at the roots, boosting volume where you need it most.

Change Your Part
If you always part your hair on one side, try switching things up. Parting on the other side lifts your hair at the scalp, giving you more volume on the top of your head.

Cut it Correctly
Your hairstyle can help keep your hair from looking flat. Curly or wavy styles and long layers add movement and volume to longer hair. 

Shorter cuts can also work well. Consider long pixie cuts and blunt, collar-bone length styles that frame the face.

Despite rumors to the contrary, fine hair can do bangs. Spritz them with dry shampoo to help keep them from separating and looking too thin and wispy.

Choose Timeless Hair Tools
Foam rollers or hot rollers can be your best friend. Roll all the way to the scalp, especially on top of your head, and then finger fluff. The best part? These don’t take long to use.

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