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Oh the things we do to our hair in the name of beauty! Heat styling, bleach and color, even perms and hair extensions. While the immediate results of perfectly styled hair or a fresh new color fills us with confidence and head turning stares, overtime the stress of these procedures can leave our hair damaged, dry, brittle and lacking the ‘wow’ factor.

Properly caring for damaged hair is key if you wish to turn things around and avoid hair breakage and further damage. The steps you take before and after styling or coloring your hair can literally make or break it. So, lets discuss what you can do to avoid this nasty cycle and keep your hair as healthy as possible!

Start Fresh

While you do not need to go and chop it all off, if your hair is quite damaged a trim is a good place to start. Regular trims can help maintain healthier hair as well as give the appearance of smoother, softer hair by ridding of those split ends.

Wash Appropriately

Avoid stripping your scalp of essential oils which work to add moisture to dry, brittle hair by avoiding over washing your hair. Aim to wash your hair no more than a few times per week and when doing so, gently massage shampoos and conditioners into hair and scalp and avoid vigorous rubbing. For those with oily hair a dry shampoo applied to the roots is a great way to freshen up between shampoos.

The Right Hair Care

Your damaged hair requires the appropriate products in order to protect, nourish and treat the damage so you can make your way back to smooth healthy locks. Be sure to look for products specifically formulated to moisturize and strengthen hair. Ingredients such as Argan Oil and Vitamin E help to re-hydrate and soften while hydrolized proteins and keratin can help rebuild strength.

Dry, damaged can hair can also greatly benefit from a  deep conditioning hair mask 1-3 times per week (depending on the severity of damage) and it is a MUST that you apply a heat protectant oil or cream before using any type of heated styling tool.

Easy on the Heat

While you don’t have to forgo your hair dryer or flat iron, take it easy. Before blow drying allow hair to air dry as much as possible first and use the medium to low heat setting as well as a lower air speed. If using a flat iron is a must, make sure hair is completely dry before straightening, this goes for using a curling iron or wand as well.  If possible use a lower heat setting on these tools as well but not so low that you have to go over the same section of hair again and again as this will only cause more damage. When possible, allow your hair a break and avoid using any heat styling tools at all.

Food for Thought

There are certain foods you can add to your diet which can help with healthier and faster hair growth. Eggs contain protein, vitamin D,vitamin B7 and Biotin which work to promote hair growth while the Omega 3 Fatty Acids found in fish oil and flax seed oil can help boost shine. Strengthen hair by adding protein rich foods into your diet, such as lean red meat or legumes and nuts.