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You may not think of a flat iron as a “high-tech” hair tool, but the best flat irons use state-of-the-art technology to straighten faster and help protect your hair from damage.

The best flat irons can also give your hair a sleek, smooth, and sensational style that makes it look like you just stepped out of the salon.

What are some of the technologies that set the best flat irons apart from the rest?

Negative Ions Create Positive Results
Negative ions in nature make us feel great. Negative ions are in abundance on beaches, in the air after a thunderstorm, or near waterfalls. They can energize and invigorate us.

But did you know negative ions are also good for your hair?

Negative ions activate the water molecules that are already present in your hair. The best flat irons use ionic technology to hydrate your hair even as they straighten, resulting in full, luscious locks.

The ions also help prevent heat damage, meaning that you can flat iron your hair every day and always achieve the best results.

Finally, the ionic field technology in the Karmin line of hair straighteners and flat irons seals in your hair’s natural oils for a shiny, silky smooth finish.

Infrared Heat Does Less Damage to Your Hair
Traditional flat irons apply heat directly to the hair in order to straighten each strand. But this can cause heat damage, breakage, and even burnt hair over time.

Deemed the secret to healthier hair by beauty pros, infrared flat irons apply heat from the inside of the hair out, protecting the outer surface of the hair.

The results? Less heat damage for more beautiful hair and faster straightening to save you time.

The infrared technology in the Karmin line of flat irons also works with the ionic technology to stimulate negative ions, drawing out the natural oils and sealing in moisture for shinier, frizz-free hair in less time.

Micro-Chip Technology in the Best Flat Irons Offers Better Temperature Control 
If you’ve gotten the idea that the type of heat your hair straightener uses matters a lot when it comes to choosing the best flat iron, you’re right.

But the overall temperature of the flat iron, and the consistency of the heat applied, also matters.

Infrared heat provides a more stable temperature than conventional heating technology.

Micro-chip regulated temperature control takes it one step further. The microchip actually measures the temperature of the plates and adjusts as needed to keep the temperature consistent.

A more consistent temperature means you can set the flat iron at a higher overall temp without worrying about burning your hair.  And a hotter, more consistent temperature means fewer passes with the flat iron to achieve the look you want. You’ll save time and have healthier hair in the long run.

Choosing the Best Flat Iron
You might pay a little more for one of the best flat irons in the market with these important technologies.

Professional stylists look for flat irons with negative ions, infrared heat, and microchip-controlled temperature regulation to protect their customers’ hair and provide the best style every time.

Now you can achieve salon-styled, pin-straight hair right at home with one of the best flat irons from Karmin.