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The flat iron, or hair straightening iron, is one of the most versatile hair tools in your arsenal.

Want to go straight? Done.

Want curls? Your flat iron can do that, too.

Want a flirty flip? It’s easy with a flat iron!

And flat irons can also do so much more.

But what makes a good hair straightener or a bad one?

Quality Plates
Plates are the first thing you should look at when buying a straightener.

Don’t go for glass or metal-coated plates. They often distribute heat unevenly. What’s worse, the heating elements in these cheaper straighteners usually don’t create heat evenly. So not only will you have to go over each section of hair multiple times (increasing damage to the hair shaft), but there could be hot spots that burn or melt your tresses.

Look for ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates. All of these materials distribute heat evenly, protecting your strands and providing effortless style and shine.

The Karmin Titanium has mirror-smooth titanium plates that are infused with ceramic to ensure even heating. Additionally, it has ionic technology which helps control static, seal in moisture, and gives a healthy, silky finish to your ‘do.

Temperature Control
Different texture tresses have different heating needs. A lower temperature can protect thin or delicate hair; but thick, coarse, or kinky strands require (and can handle) higher temperatures. Therefore, you need an iron that you can dial in to meet your needs without risking heat damage.

If you’re a professional sylist or a student, this is especially important because your clients will have different hair types you’ll need to accommodate.

The Karmin Salon Series straightener has a digital display so that you can fine-tune just how hot you want the plates to get.

Size Does Matter
Take a look at the width of your plates before you buy and consider your styling needs. Have lots of long locks? Or is your hair shorter? Do you want to use the flat iron to make curls and flirty flips too? Then size most definitely matters.

Thinner widths are better for shorter hair, or for styles with curls. Longer, thicker hair is better off with wider plates, which will cover more strand surface and straighten more quickly, requiring fewer passes.

One-inch plates, like those on the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron, work well for either short or long tresses, making the flat iron ideal hair stylists or anyone who wants to keep their flat iron for the long haul regardless of the length of their hair.

Ease of Use
Styling hair can be tedious work. By the time you’re finishing applying product, blow drying your hair, and then straightening it, you may wind up with tired arms. And who wants to be handling a hot hair implement when their arms are tired? That’s a recipe for disaster.

For safety reasons, your hair straightener should be lightweight and have a tangle-free cord. You don’t need to worry about tying yourself up while you do your ‘do.

Safety Shut Off
Ever leave the house wondering if you turned off your flat iron? Automatic shut-off means two fewer worries during the day: You hair looks fantastic, and your flat iron is off.