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Are you in the market for a new curling iron to give your locks the curls and texture you desire? A clipless curling wand is the go-to heat tool to add loose, luscious curls or waves to any type of hair.

While a curling iron is good for many styles, a curling wand offers greater flexibility to achieve the look you want. You can read more about the differences between a curling iron and clipless curling wand here.

Now, let’s look at six benefits of a clipless curling wand and why you may want to add this heat hair tool to your styling repertoire.

1. Look Ma, No Creases
A curling iron provides polished curls, but not necessarily without a price. The clip that you use to hold your hair in place while you style it can create awkward creases. Not the look you are going for when you spend time on your hair.

When you use a clipless curling wand, you use your hand to hold your hair in place as you let the heat curl it. This means you have to be careful not to burn yourself, but most clipless curling wands come with a protective glove to use until you get the hang of it.

The result? A creaseless style with the type of curls you desire.

2. Just One Heat Tool Achieves the Look You Desire
A curling iron can give you tight, specific curls or loose waves, depending on its size. But there’s the catch.

To change styles, you need a different curling iron. That means more heat tools to store, more money to spend, and when you travel, you’re stuck with one style or carrying multiple curling irons, which only takes up valuable real estate in your suitcase.

A clipless curling wand with a tapered wand lets you vary the type of curls you create without changing heat tools. Use the narrower top end of the wand for tight curls, and the lower portion for loose waves.

3. Gain Greater Control Over Your Curls

Tight or loose, big or small, a clipless curling wand gives you the ultimate control over your curls because you use your hand to wrap your hair around the heat tool.

4. Add Volume
Speaking of gaining more control over your curls, how about a heat tool that gives you direct access to the roots of your hair?

You can add more curls by beginning the curling process closer to your head.  A clipless curling wand can also give your curls much more volume.

5. Prevent Against Heat Damage and Split Ends with a Clipless Curling Wand
When you use a clipless curling wand, you begin wrapping the hair around the tool from the roots, not the end. This can help protect against heat damage because the ends of your hair don’t absorb as much heat.

The very act of clamping your hair with a traditional curling iron can also create split ends, which you can avoid with a clipless curling wand.

6. Clipless Curling Wand: The Choice of Hair Styling Pros
Because of its versatility and its capability to create crease-free curls, professional stylists often turn to their clipless curling wand to create the look their customers desire.

It does take some practice to learn how to use a clipless curling wand because you must hold the hair in place yourself with one hand as you style while working the curling wand with the other. Most users catch on after a few tries and can then create any style they desire.