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Did you know your hair straightener or flat iron is the most versatile tool in your hair styling arsenal? It is. Your flat iron can do a lot more than just straighten hair.  

Check out these fabulous, easy-to-do styles and upgrade your straightener savvy.


Sport beach-blown waves.

Do you love that loose, windblown look you get during a day at the beach? It’s easy to catch those waves at home, too. No ocean required.

Separate your hair into large sections. Then separate those larger sections, as if you were preparing to braid your hair. Twist each subsection in opposite directions from the top down, then twist them together again, forming a long spiral.

Slowly move your straightener down the twist; tapping the plates as you go down the length of your hair. Hold the spiral until your hair cools to lock in the style. Then finger-comb into loose, beachy curls.

Finish your style with a sea-salt spray for the perfect day-at-the-beach look.



Conjure kinky, crimped curls to bring back the ‘80s.

Want a quick flash-back to the ‘80s? Bring back the crimped style with nothing but your straightener.

Separate your hair into 2-inch sections and braid. The tighter the braid, the more dynamic the crimp. Then, run your straightener down the length and let cool to ensure the crimps last all day long. 

Finger comb the braids free and finish off with a light mist of texturizer or hairspray for hold.



Flaunt a flirty flip.

Straighteners aren’t just for longer locks. Although you can do all of the styles above with shoulder-length (or shorter) hair, this one is just for shorter manes.

Rather than curling your cut underneath for a sleek, professional look, try flipping it up and out. Move the straightener from root to tip as you normally would, but flip it away from your face at the tip.

If you’ve got layered locks, you’ll get a feathery, fun, and flirty flip. Keep your hair all one length? You’ll get a sleek, sweet curl that switches your style in seconds.


Create cascading curls that flow.

Love big, bouncy curls that last all day? Your straightener can give you this look as well. And it works faster than a wand or curling iron.

Separate your hair into 2-inch sections. Clamp the straightener around your locks at the top, turn the iron 90 degrees, and move it slowly down your locks to the tips.

Once the waves are cool, finger comb and finish off with a spritz of shine spray for curls that last all day.




Perfect your look with pretty pin curls.

Love the glamour of the ‘20s? For soft, retro-style curls, section hair into one-inch sections. Roll a strand around your fingers from the bottom up. Then flatten it into a cinnamon roll shape. Tap the plates of the straightener around the coil, heating it gently. Pin it while it cools down.

Spritz lightly with either hairspray, salt spray, or shine, then unpin. Use your fingers at the roots of your hair and shake the curls free, finger-combing as needed.


Hair Straighteners Provide Options.

Women these days have more options for getting the exact hairstyle they want than at any other time in history. Our hair can be any color of the rainbow. We can take it from tightly curled to straight pin straight. Or sport pin curls, for that matter. And, in spite of its name, we can achieve all these looks with a single tool: The hair straightener. 

Karmin’s bestselling hair straightener, the G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron, gives you all the options you’d find in a salon with a top stylist right at home.