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Traveling means packing smartly. While outfits can often do double duty, you don’t want to skimp on the right hair tools. Relying on a hotel hair dryer to maintain your locks can be an iffy proposition.

But you also don’t want a full-sized dryer and diffuser taking up space in your bag. That space could be saved for souvenirs or another pair of shoes.

Fortunately, today’s travel-sized hair tools can pack the same punch as their full-sized counterparts.

Size Matters In Your Travel Hair Dryer. So Do Features

When purchasing a travel hair dryer, look for one that has the same exact features as the one you use every day.

Ceramic heat and ion technology ensures that hair looks silky and shiny. Purchasing one without those features, or one with only a single speed could leave you spending valuable vacation time searching for a salon or blowout bar.

Karmin’s Travel Pro Hair Dryer has ceramic heat, ion technology, three heat settings, a cool shot button, and a quiet motor, setting it head and shoulders above other hair tools. The handle folds up, so the hair dryer takes up even less space in your rolly bag.


Hair Tools That Save Time

When it comes to packing hair tools, look for ones that can do more than one job to save both time and luggage space.

For example, the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush straightens hair while you brush it. It has quick flash heating, is larger than a flat iron, and there isn’t a need to section hair before using it, all saving valuable time when you’re on the road.

The straightening brush is adept with working on either fine or very thick hair.  It can give tresses volume, shine, and movement, along with a sleek feel. It can also be used to touch up styles, so there’s no need to pack another brush.


A Flat Iron That Does Double Duty to Save Space

Straightening and curling your hair can mean taking up lots of valuable space in a carry-on. It means adding more weight to your luggage, and using valuable counter space in your hotel room.

Be strategic and find a flat iron that can do more than one job. The Karmin Titanium uses advanced ion-field and micro-porous technology to lock in moisture and seal natural oils in the hair. This prevents breakage and damage. It uses infrared heat to penetrate the hair shaft, making styles last longer. And most importantly, the Titanium flat iron can be used to straighten or curl hair.

A Quick Hairstyle for the Road
Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, use your Karmin Titanium flat iron to set this style when you’re pressed for time but want to look amazing for that dinner meeting or shore excursion.

  1. After blow-drying hair, divide hair into four sections
  2. Loosely wrap each section with a scrunchy
  3. Use the Karmin Titanium to curl each section
  4. Lightly pin each section to your head
  5. When hair is cool, unpin and shake your head. Voila! Loose, luscious waves that last all day and night.

Protect Before You Style

Do make room in your bag for the most important styling aid you will ever need: Heat protectant.

Before using any heat-based hair tool, spray Karmin Heat Protection & Styling Spray. Made with Argan oil, this spray protects hair from heat, UV rays (essential if you’ve colored your hair), and damage. It imparts shine, stops flyaways, and acts as a shield to prevent damage.

No one wants to leave their favorite shoes at home. Using hair tools that multitask and take up little room in an overnighter ensures you’ll look your best from top-to-toe when you’re away from home.